Event- RISK(U) #3: Player Piano Player Weekend - Pavel Matveyev and Ricardo Atienza.

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12 Oct 2019 to 13 Oct 2019

Welcome to a public session with improvisations and presentation of the project (see program below)!

Player Piano Player Weekend by Pavel Matveyev and Ricardo Atienza.

Player Piano provides the technology and space for participants to make, share and enjoy music together.

This project was born in Lövstabruk at Klaverens Hus, a collection of over 600 Swedish analogue keyboard instruments. Player Piano explores how to expand traditional piano playing and grant universal access to all ages and skills. To this aim, we developed an intuitive interface that allows some of these instruments to be played without requiring long instructions or training periods.

We question the boundary between music consumers and music producers.
We believe that everyone can create music.

Program Saturday:

16:00-16:15 Player Piano Live: Improvisation by Robin McGinley (cello) and Ricardo (Player Piano)
16:30-16:50 Presentation of the project
17:00-17:15 Improvisation by Pavel
17:30-17:45 Improvisation by Francisco Vilaplana (oboe) and Pavel (Player Piano)
18:00-18:15 Improvisation by Ricardo

Sunday: Open house 11:00-14:00

There is free space in between for you to freely improvise and experience the interactive environment.

Come and explore your music skills! The event and the environment are child-friendly.

To read more about this project: http://www.pavelmatveyev.com/html/playerpiano2.html

With support from Konstnärsnämnden, Nordiska Konstförbundet, Konstfack and Klaverens Hus.

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RISK(U) means Room and Initiative for Artistic Development Work
2019 – 2020 NKF presents RISK(U) with support from The Swedish Arts Council. It is a platform
that make space for artistic research, that is time for deepened artistic work. We welcome collaborations in need of an open, not yet defined, space in order to be formulated. It is about establishing a concentrated time-space for a specific work, carried out by the ones making a RISK(U) event in dialogue with us at NKF. With RISK(U) the Malongen space is one for artistic dialogue, in art and through art.

This initiative is formulated by board members Henrik Eriksson, Camilla Larsson and Liv Strand. If you reading this realise an urge to share something and to create a format contact Liv Strand, liv@nkf.se or Henrik Eriksson, henrikjeriksson@gmail.com