The Nordic Guest Studio- Igors Malovickis (LV)

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The Nordic Guest Studio
1 Nov 2014

November 2014  in the Nordic Guest Studio : Igors Malovickis

Igor was in the Studio as part of Färgfabriken´s New Urban Topologies program. Here are a few lines about the research that he was working on during his stay: 

"As currently I’m in the final semester of my architecture studies at RISEBA FAD, I’m carrying out a bachelor’s thesis research on demonstration culture within urban environment of Riga and various other cities within the region. The approach includes analyzing the urban space - a tool for manifestation possibilities within its realm as well as some socio-economic factors behind the demonstrations in order to differentiate the reasons of chosen locations. During first part of the whole Stockholm research, I’m focusing on such aspects as the city dealing with various manifestation forms in different parts of the city, that are still connected to each other in one or another way, comparing typologies used as well as some "achievements and struggles" during these manifestation events."