Event- A day on self-organisation and international networks with NKF

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18 Nov 2016

A day on self-organisation and international networks with NKF

Place : Färgfabriken,  Lövholmsbrinken 1
Time: 18th november 9.30-15.30

The guest studio Malongen is since 2005 run by the Nordic Art Association´s Swedish section, NKF. Since 2013, NKF has been working with a project where activities are developed in collaboration with art institutions and other organisations in Stockholm. In the last three years NKF has also expanded activities with a number of different projects.
The ambition with this day is to investigate possibilities for the future and to discuss needs, desired effects and goals. NKF organised a similar day in 2013 in order to identify the need of a residency with our collaborators, which as been the base for the last three years of activity.
During the morning, a number of examples of previous, on-going and forthcoming projects will be presented. After lunch all participants are invited to a workshop that asks how we answer to the needs while maintaining our network-based and self-organised model,
NKF is a self-organised and network based organisation working with both larger and smaller actors. We see a development where the need for continuous activity with the possibility of answering to more flexible solutions is increasing. The goal is for NKF to be able to run activities that mirror and answer to the needs of the network. In the long run this entails a possibility for all actors in Stockholm to develop their respective activities in collaboration with NKF. The consequence of which is a a vitalised and enriched context for international contemproray art in Stockholm.
Lunch and coffee is free of charge, but RSVP is necessary so that we know how many people will come. 


9:30 Registration and coffee
10.00 -10.20  Introduction  
NKF - Alvaro Campo
Färgfabriken - Emilia Rosenquist

10.20 -11.30  Presentations

Konsthall C - Jenny Richards & Jens Strandberg
hangmenProjects - Jenny Bergman & Stephen McKenzie
Centrum för Fotografi, CFF - Gunilla Muhr
Studio 44 -  Madeleine Aleman
Curatorial residency in Stockholm, CRIS - Jonatan Habib Enqvist
NKF - Björn Norberg

Re:visioning Congo-Sweden through a dry plate archive - Cecilia Järdemar & Anna Ekman 

11.45 - 13.15 Lunch

13.30 - 15.30 Workshop - Behovet och gästateljéns framtid


how to we respond to the demand without becoming an institution?

Do the residencies have to take place in Stockholm?

15.30 end