Event- Exhibition ”Nordic Drawing 2013”: 2/11 – 8/12 2013, Norrtälje konsthall

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2 Nov 2013 to 8 Dec 2013

Exhibition ”Nordic Drawing, Norrtälje konsthall 

Seminar ”Redrawing the Nordic Identity”: 1/11 kl 15–18., Norrtälje konsthall 


NKF, the Nordic Art Association in Sweden has previously arranged Nordic drawing exhibitions in collaboration with Skellefteå Konsthall. The latest is 2008. The exhibition was called “Nordic Highlights” and adjacent held a drawing workshop. Artists were invited from Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Lapland, Norway and Sweden. The aim was to show the drawingn-related art as it exists in contemporary art. The exhibition contained drawings in pencil and charcoal, as well as animation and three-dimensional objects, which are in some way related to drawing. “Nordic Highight” went on to Rackstadmuseet in Värmland.

Nordic Drawing 2013

NKF (SE) comes back in 2013 in collaboration with Norrtälje konsthall with a sequel to Nordic Highlights, “Nordic Drawing 2013” and the seminar “Redrawing the Nordic Identity”. The selection has been made with a curator, Daniel Werkmäster, from Norrtäljekonsthall and NKF (se) and the exhibition will be shown and the seminar held in Norrtäljegatan art gallery.

"Nordic Drawing" will  show the breadth and vitality of contemporary Nordic drawing

The seminar, organized in conjunction with the opening of the exhibition  is primarily aimed at professional artists and cultural actors. NKF’s aim is to create a “Nordic” contact platform between professionals in the field of art and to increase awareness of what colleagues are doing in neighboring countries.


Astrid Göransson (SE) 

Oskar Korsár (SE) 

Martin Skauen (NO) 

Maiken Stene (NO) 

Hadda Fjóla Reykdal (ISL) 

Steingrimus Eyfjord (ISL) 

Andreas Albrectsen (DK) 

Julie Nord (DK) 

Britta Marakatt-Labba (SE, Sapmi) 

Glädjemännen (FIN) (Antti Arkoma, Niels Haukeland, Petri Hytönen, Aarne Jämsä, Mikko Paakkola, Paavo Paunu, Henry Wuorila-Stenberg)

Participants in the Seminar

Lars-Erik Wahlberg (SE), curator 

Petri Hytönen (FIN), artist 

Astrid Göransson (SE), artist 

Maiken Stene (NO), artist

Moderator: Bengt Jahnsson-Wennberg, artist