Event- Signals - Isabel Carvalho (PT), Jelena Rundqvist (SE) and Liv Strand (SE)

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11 Nov 2016 to 12 Nov 2016

Signals (scroll down for swedish version)

with Isabel Carvalho (PT), Jelena Rundqvist (SE) and Liv Strand (SE)



Place:  Nordiska Gästateljén, Malongen - Nytorget 15A, Stockholm

Time: 11th of  November, 18:30
Free admission, cheese, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, mingel

We invite you to attend an evening where the attention goes to the mutual concern between people and things. (Imagine) Touching a thing with some shape and a certain material making up the surface. The sensation comes along with prior knowledge, its formulations along with a curiosity, going towards the not yet known, placed in the present moment. Learning and/or confirming. It browses the catalogue of stuff put in our mouth as kids, all one knows about textures. It browses and adds news. When describing what happens for someone else communication starts and it is also a material. Gestures, words, texts etc.
Signals is a programmed evening with two acts at Malongen, and one guided out-door tour. The works handle objects, text and actions providing assiduities in a socio-cultural sphere.
Isabel Carvalho (PT), Jelena Rundqvist (SE) and Liv Strand (SE) will appear with art works during the evening. This event spurs from a summer month working in parallel with a concern for links between objects and text. Isabel Carvalho (PT) visited in July, and then some meetings on text and its materiality was arranged for a larger group of colleagues.

More about Isabel Carvalho’s work: cargocollective.com/isabelcarvalho
Jelena Rundqvist: noncapitalistfashion.org and theunconscious.se
Liv Strand: livstrand.com
The events happens with funding from Iaspis support for International Exchange.