The Nordic Guest Studio- Bjargey Ólafsdóttir (IS)

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The Nordic Guest Studio
23 Jun 2017 to 15 Jul 2017

Bjargey Ólafsdóttir at to the Nordic guest studio !
She has studied film, photography, painting and mixed media in Reykjavík, Madrid, Helsinki, and Gothenburg. Her video work is full of ironic, sometimes violent or sinister, stories that hinge upon obsession and fantasy in the lives of contemporary urban men and women. Characters in her photography series include a bourgeois housewife, stereotypical Nordic women, and a couple buried amidst the mess of their bedroom—subjects lost in familiar but alienating interiors. Bjargey’s work is very much influenced by electronic music, with which she has also been experimenting as well. She lives and works in Reykjavík.