The Nordic Guest Studio- Hans Christian Van Nijkerk (NO)

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The Nordic Guest Studio
16 Jan 2017 to 15 Feb 2017



Hans Christian van Nijkerk (NO/NL – lives in Bergen, Norway) is currently on a residency at the Nordic Guest Studio where he is doing a collaboration with performance artist Hiroko Tsuchimoto (JP/SE – lives in Stockholm)

Hans Christian van Nijkerk works primarily with performance art. His audiences are often expected to give direct feedback on his performances or even participate, making them an integral part of the work or even comprising the work itself. He enjoys performing at unconventional sites in public spaces, where audience reaction is often very different from a traditional stage: less predictable, less polite. This also presents the challenge of working with negative feedback, or with no feedback at all from unwilling or unaware audiences.


Hiroko Tsuchimoto’s works can be described as political, in the sense that they problematize our views and actions. In her performances she investigates the cultural construction of authority, borders and dichotomies. Through pushing and pulling her audience, she divides the visitors according to arbitrary systems, like nationality, fortunetelling or phrenology. The arrangements are carried out in silence, with body- and eye contact as means of communication. This leaves the spectators with a funny, disorienting feeling, bordering on uneasiness.


A Performance by Hans Christian van Nijkerk & Hiroko Tsuchimoto will take place on Friday, February 3rd (18:30 - 20:00) at Fylkingen 


this residency project was made possible with the support of: