The Nordic Guest Studio- Hrönn Gunnarsdóttir (IS)

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The Nordic Guest Studio
16 Jul 2017 to 20 Aug 2017

Hrönn Gunnarsdóttir is a visual artist from Iceland who currently stays at the Nordic Guest Studio. She works mostly with videos and drawings, but has also worked with digital collage and photography.


Her artwork is a documentation of fleeting moments, memory and elements interacting in the natural world. She explores the world through the camera lens and magnifies small moments by capturing and exhibiting them. Studying philosophy has subtly influenced her work, exploring ideas about human nature and the brevity of life. Behind the artwork, questions regarding the mundane cycle of the everyday reveal awkwardness, humour and vulnerability.


Her drawings explore a similar theme with emotion and atmosphere portrayed through simple line drawing. Often capturing a memory from the artist’s past with an element of subtle humor. This results in a collection of moments on paper or in video form. 


Hrönn has exhibited in various spaces in Iceland as well as in Switzerland, Finland, Germany and Sweden.  She now lives and works in Amsterdam.


During her stay at the Nordic Guest Studio she will work on her exhibition at Candyland that opens at the 18th of August.


this residency project was made possible with the support of: