The Nordic Guest Studio- Isabel Carvalho (PT)

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The Nordic Guest Studio
1 Nov 2016 to 13 Nov 2016

Isabel Carvalho (PT) is back for the seocnd part of her residency, she was invited by Liv Strand (SE), to the Nordic Guest Studio,  Malongen, to come for a two parted work session in Stockholm taking place in July and in the beginning of November. The two artists met in 2013 in Berlin and share interests in text based artworks, objects and performances. The plan is to work in parallel – contrasting a collaboration. They will also let their methods and works be contagious in a broader group of art practitioners that engage in text as an artistic material. 


"July was the time for accumulation of content. Either materials, or not. Materials equals life experiences, modes of thinking and seeing. The aim was to simultaneously recollect approaches that was already part of a continuum, and the ones that will spark of new energy. A meeting that both consisted of knowing each other and to remember not to know each other, allowing for new experiences. We decided to work on the sensibility one have to show when caring for ideas and/or objects of someone else. 

We assembled with colleagues for two formatted sessions on text as an artistic medium. The way we gathered was by joint excursions and readings. July the 14th and the 27th we met. Some participants attended both meetings, some just one of them. The groups were 10-12 persons. One meeting focused narration and storytelling while the other brought attention to form and formats. The quite broad entries was chosen to allow for the sessions to comprehend a range of ways to write, read and think in text. Everyone brought a text, written for the moment or a previous work. All texts were red aloud. The diversity was thrilling and still the mere sharing of a room made interlinkages in the most beautiful ways. The form aimed to be spontaneous and open, focusing text as the point of artistic momentum." 


In November there will be more formal events inviting audiences, presenting and projecting what was initiated in July. The 11th  of November there will be an evening where Isabel Carvalho and Liv Strand will channel the communication that was opened in July. An invitation will come closer to the event, welcome!

A Salong Material will be arranged at the Nordic guest studio Malongen in mid November, hosted by Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Liv Strand and Axel Andersson together with Isabel Carvalho. It will link the work of Salong Material to the exchange that’s been going on during the first stay of Isabel Carvalho by bridging objects with texts. How do we read objects? A detailed invitation will be distributed closer to the event. 


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