The Nordic Guest Studio- Sheila Levrant de Bretteville

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The Nordic Guest Studio
2 Jan 2017 to 14 Jan 2017

In the field of graphic design, de Bretteville is one of the leading voices in both practice and education. She is currently Professor and Head of the prestigious Yale Graduate School of Design, but likes to call herself a culture worker.

In 1973, Bretteville taught together with the artist Judy Chicago and art historian Arlene Raven at CalArts, but they were only trying to provide feminist education in a male-dominated institution. They resigned and instead they founded the Women's Building (1973-1991); the first independent separatist and feminist cultural institution in the world. They created a norm-breaking educational environment in which women's experiences were lifted, and integrated in art and design practice. The education would not be separated from the ongoing women's movement where the slogan "the personal is political” was highly relevant. Women traveled not only from the United States but also from Europe and South America to participate in the unique training program that was decisive for many female artists continued path.

With an experience of over 45 years in the feminist art - and design practice and women's separatist practice  de Bretteville possesses knowledge that is unparalleled in Swedish fields.

In Stockholm, de Bretteville is invited to the artistic research project "in 21st Century Zesterhood", a collaborative project that aims to draw attention to historical and contemporary networks of sisterhood in art and design, across time and place. The project explores how one can create surfaces and extended platforms to work together, share knowledge and resources, support each other socially, creatively and structurally.

On January the 13th, De Bretteville, together with the project initiators will hold a workshop, WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER; a practical study of continuity and sustainability in relation to feminist art and design practice, its networks and partnerships.

In 21st Century Zesterhood was initiated in 2015 by:
Artist Mikaela Krestesen (Sisters of Jam)
Bastion (Alexandra Falagara and Brita Lindvall Leitmann)
Karolina Pahlén, curator