The Nordic Guest Studio- Tarek Atoui (FR)

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The Nordic Guest Studio
1 Jul 2013

During the months of June/July, we have the pleasure to hand over the Studio to Tarek Atoui, sound artist based in Paris. During his visit, he will be working on a project with/for Bonniers Konsthall. 

A few words about his work and the project :

Tarek Atoui is one of the world’s most celebrated contemporary sound artists. His performances using custom-built electronic instruments and computers in combination with his intense presence have become his trademark. 

 On The Metastable Cut, Tarek Atoui’s starting point is the Electronic Music Studio (EMS) in Stockholm and the historical role it has played in the world of electronic music and sound art.

Some of the most valuable compositions from EMS’s sound archive will be cut into thousands of micro samples and become Atoui’s sound material for building a new version of The Metastable Circuit – the instrument he first created at the dOCUMENTA13 in 2012.

This new instrument will generate an autonomous and continuously changing flow of soundscapes and collages , and will allow the artist to explore new methods of collaborative and collective composition together with students from Royal College of Art, Royal Technical University and Royal College of Music.

 During Art of Memory, Atoui will direct a work process and series of collective performances where a new generation of musicians, composers and performers will revisit EMS’s heritage, improvising and working from his instrument and the new possibilities it offers.