Amina Zoubir: The Forgotten Figures

Event type: 
The Nordic Guest Studio
22 Aug 2020 to 16 Sep 2020

Amina Zoubir is an Algerian visual artist and video maker. Her art focuses on the notion of body and its interactions in spaces to question and analyse social and historical thoughts on the Maghreb, North Africa. Through her installations and performances, she references to individuals’ unconscious behaviour in predetermined spaces ruled by socio-political norms and cultural codifications. Her intention seeks to create a distortion in order to thwart the established order. Through her poetic view on the human/animal/object body, she pushes us to reflect on the established order of contemporary society, in particular the Algerian society. 

During her stay at NKF, Amina Zoubir will continue her large scale drawings and conduct a research on the female representation in North Africa in the collections of the Ethnographic Museum in Stockholm and the Museum of World Culture in Göteborg.