Announcement- NKF commissions - the first VR Pavilion.

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9 May 2019

NKF commissions
the first VR Pavilion.

9th May 4 – 8 pm.

In conjunction to the 58th Biennale del Arte, Venice, Italy, the VR Pavilion presents the launch of the floating VR Pavilion – MEDUSA, a VR experience in two acts by Sara Tirelli. Staged at the Communist party centre and on a small boat departing every 30 minutes, the VR pavilion takes a critical and site-specific approach to virtual reality technology. Beyond being dedicated to Virtual Reality this pavilion is also itself an immersive environment, and as such, a Venetian Reality that calls into question obsolete notions of national representation. 


Venue: Fondamenta de la Tana, 2029 Calle Nova. Boat leaves every 30 min. Please pre-book on to secure a slot


Curator: Jonatan Habib Engqvist

Commissioner: The Nordic Art Association, Sweden. NKF (se)