Artist Talk - Shi Tou and Mingming

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20 May 2024

Chinese Shi Tou and Mingming spend May month at NKF studio. Join us for an informal talk where Shi Tou, painter, photographer, and filmmaker, and Mingming, filmmaker, photographer, and activist, present their recent work.

Refreshments will be served.

In 2008, they co-founded the China Queer Independent Film with a group of queer directors, artists, activists, and critics.

About their stay they say the following: "As artists from the most populous country in the world, we would like to observe the lifestyle and urban ecology of the city we are currently in, take city walks, and engage in some photography and documentation within this short time frame. Perhaps we can also make comparisons with the cities we have lived in before, to understand and contemplate about how we are a community on Earth".

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