Awa Konaté

Event type: 
The Nordic Guest Studio
9 Jan 2023 to 27 Jan 2023

Awa Konaté is a curator, art consultant, and founder of platform CAS (@cultureartsociety) based in London and Copenhagen. Her practice makes curatorial interventions foregrounding archival research, cultural studies, and interdisciplinary frameworks of African/diasporic artists with focus on lens-based practices. Konaté has developed and curated a wide range of international exhibitions and programmes. In addition, she has taught, presented at various panels, and contributed to publications. 

With the aim of understanding local, national, and geographical frameworks to the practice of artists, Konaté will, throughout her residency, engage extensively with them, in addition to, archival materials, photographs, and other visual works. From this work, she intends to explore how these frameworks and practices theorise complex relations between migration, Black aesthetics, and Postcolonial relations in the Nordics. She will host an event informed by this research at NKF (date will be announced shortly)


Awa Konaté is invited to the NKF Guest Studio by the collaborator SITE Zones with the invitation to do a curated project to be published online at SITE Zones in February 2023. The project is funded by Region Stockholm Kultur. 


SITE Zones publish texts and filmed conversations on art, architecture, film, literature, music, philosophy and critical theory. It is a web-based continuation of the magazine SITE (2001-2015) and the publishing house SITE Editions.