Clementine Edwards and Emmeli Person

Event type: 
The Nordic Guest Studio
14 Mar 2024 to 15 Apr 2024

Clementine Edwards is a Rotterdam-based artist who works between sculpture and writing. In their art they enact material, experiential and affective residues of daily life. A prominent theme is material kinship - thinking material beyond extraction and kinship beyond the nuclear family - which is the subject of the book The Material Kinship Reader, co-edited with Kris Dittel. Their nearest biological family resides in Stockholm, with whom they have a strong connection.

Clementine understands family lineage and the family tree as a type of citation. Who do we acknowledge familial connection to, and in what ways? What do the silences speak to? How is meaning and belonging facilitated or stifled via family flight lines, biological and otherwise? From the NFK studio, Clementine wishes to unfold aesthetic strategies of citation that respond to these questions. 

Clem's stay with the NFK is supported by Mondriaan Funds, in the framework of a larger project on gender and toxic inheritances.