David Walliker: Pygmalion and Galatea

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The Nordic Guest Studio
5 Oct 2020 to 11 Oct 2020

David Walliker is a British visual artist based in Edinburgh staying at NKF to present his posters that are currently on view in the exhibition 'Galatea and the Pygmalions' displayed at outdoor sites in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Pygmalion, the Cretan king, sculpted a female figure Galatea that he brought to life by kissing. An expression of the ancient/modern state formulating itself in its own narcissism. Today our Pygmalions of state are data and electronic circuit boards, the new bodies in proliferation. Our armour and survival depends upon the skin of microcircuitry, an externalised skin through which information and light passes

Walliker has exhibited internationally in Europe and the US with solo shows in such venues as Brno Museum of Arts in BRNO, Rudolfinum in Prague and at Lund Konsthall. He has also curated international exhibitions and was instrumental in setting up the ArtWall Gallery in Prague in 2005.