Event- Christine Gedeon (US/SYR) - “Syria...as my mother speaks”

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7 Sep 2018

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Warmly welcome to experience the sound art installation “Syria...as my mother speaks” by residence artist Christine Gedeon (US/SYR)
Friday September 7th at 18.00 – 21.00
at the Nordic guest studio Malongen, Nytorget 15 A, Stockholm
Christine Gedeon gives an introduction to the work every hour
Open as well Saturday September 8th at 13.00 - 17.00
“Syria...as my mother speaks” is an interactive playable string instrument, using strands of wire connected to the architecture of a space, this instrument, when triggered, plays layered sounds and snippets of the stories and conversations with Gedeon’s mother (mainly in Arabic), centered around the war in Syria, her relatives there, and her mother’s memories before the war. Working with sound artist, Bent Bøgedal Christoffersen, where he layered these snippets of conversations against a backdrop of war sounds, chants, and traditional Syrian songs, this instrument plays as a harp where each string triggers different points in this sound collage.
Syria, once a country famous for its love of music, has had the traditional sounds of music replaced with the violent sounds of this incessant battle. This musical instrument is used as a vehicle for transferring the stories and memories through sound, while the collapsing of this country continues to be the soundtrack for the people. 
Gedeon has shown this installation in Bocholt, Germany, Berlin, and Dubrovnik, and has an upcoming solo show in October at The Jane Lombard Gallery in New York, where she will present another iteration of “Syria…as my mother speaks”. www.christinegedeon.com
During Christine Gedeon’s stay at Malongen there is a seminar structured by Liv Strand on maps as a subjective interpretation of places and relations with a small group of invited artists. Mapping represents spatial records, and always involves translation, scaling and even more specific choices (socio-economical aspects for instance).
The events is granted funding from Iaspis support for International Exchange.