Event- Daria Jelonek (DE/UK), Ana Mendes (UK/SE) and Amanda Selinder (SE)

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8 Jun 2019


Artificial Nature
Daria Jelonek (DE/UK), Ana Mendes (UK/SE) and Amanda Selinder (SE)
Event/Presentation : 8th of June, 18:00
The Nordic Guest Studio, Malongen, Nytorget 15A

'Artificial Nature' is a project that explores the memory of the city in regard to questions of nature, memory and landscape. 

The project starts with a residency at the Nordic Guest Studio Malongen, Nordic Art Association, Stockholm, where Daria Jelonek (DE/UK), Ana Mendes (UK/SE) and Amanda Selinder (SE) will work for one week together, exploring common interests in questions of nature, technology and memory. 

In the end of the week, 8th of June, 6 p. m. , Jelonek, Mendes and Selinder will make a public presentation, which includes the durational performance 'Drawing IV', by Mendes, workshop on bio film by Selinder and lecture 'Technological nature II', by Jelonek. 

Afterwards, the project travels to South Korea, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, where Mendes will create an installation in the public space, which explores the memory of that industrial neighbourhood in Seoul.

Come & join us! There will be some food and drinks around the the concept of artificial nature, but we promise to not poison you!

Daria Jelonek: https://www.dariajelonek.com
Ana Mendes: https://www.anamendes.com
Amanda Selinder: https://www.amandaselinder.com/