Event- OPEN HOUSE with Anamaya Farthing-Kohl (BO/US) and Nathalie Wuerth (SE)

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29 May 2019

Anamaya Farthing-Kohl (BO/US) and Nathalie Wuerth (SE)
Event/open house on the 29/5  17:00- 21:00
The Nordic Guest Studio, Malongen, Nytorget 15A


This Mantled

This Mantled is a collaborative research project between artists Anamaya Farthing-Kohl (Bolivia/United States) and Nathalie Wuerth (Sweden), where we are dismantling processes of standardization using weaving as a methodology.

During our residency, we are working through a series of exercises to better understand the weaving process and bring attention to house work by making our own looms and weavings out of readily available materials and domestic items.

We are also interested in studying the relationship of weaving to the beginnings of computation and will have the Jacquard looms at Almgrens Sidenväveri as our point of departure. The binary system used in computers was developed from the punch cards used for the Jacquard looms.Throughout our research, we will visit the 200 year old computer at the mill for our research.

Until May 30th, we are collecting donations of domestic objects which will be used for our weavings and looms. To donate please drop them off at Malongen.

We invite you (and a domestic item) to an open house on the 29thof May at the Nordic Guest Studio, Malongen 17:00- 21:00. Please save the date to see your domestic item and our research formalized into an installation at Fylkingen on the 7thof June.


Anamaya Farthing-Kohl lives and works in Mexico City. Farthing-Kohl investigates the monument and the social life of things through alterations in scale, material and context. She is often attracted to mundane objects: napkins, maps, jewelry, fences, money, spam; that have a large public presence, but that often go unnoticed. This monumentalization of the mundane and juxtaposition uses humor, the absurd and spectacle to provoke the public to consider the relationships between commodities, value and fiction.

Farthing-Kohl has exhibited internationally: Japan, Bolivia, Nepal, Colombia, Argentina, the United States and Mexico. She has also worked as a teaching artist, engaging students to ask questions, and to use art to legitimize thinking. Farthing-Kohl has been awarded a Fulbright Artist Fellowship, Programas Especiales del Gobierno de Mexico para Extranjeros en Mexico, a fellowship at the Luminary Arts in Saint Louis, took apart of the first Trans Acciones Utópicas Fair in Argentina, among others.

Nathalie Wuerth is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Key words in her practice are embodiment, mapping and collective processes. In Wuerth’s work, the voice is used as a material. As such it has been used as an instrument to measure space and to map how far the voice can reach in public space, physically. It has also been used to map and give voice to invisible labor in the form of score making and choir practice. Wuerth's work is concerned with methodologies for collective processes of making and relating, putting together plural voices in space and time. The work comprises both research into the historical legacy of the feminist movements and contemporary concerns around gender issues, work and care.

Wuerth has previously presented Closed for Maintenance at Primary, Nottingham, UK (2018) and Clair the ear – a domestic choir at Bommassan (2018) and Konsthall C (2016). She has performed Mmm... at Marabouparken (2017), Scream runs at PAB; Bergen, Norway (2016) and AspIre at Norrtälje konsthall (2016) as well as taken part in Give me Hell at the Index Foundation (2018) in Stockholm, Sweden and at Acud macht neu (2018) and at Spectrum (2016), both in Berlin, Germany. With Drömsystrar she has exhibited at DreamSafari I and II in Hinsnoret (2015, 2016), at Nora Bryggeri (2017) and at KC Väst (2018).