Hike to Frösundatoppen with artist María Kolodynski

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8 Jul 2023

Welcome to a hike to Frösundatoppen with our current artist in residence María Kolodynski

Hiking activity information:

The activity is framed within the artistic research project Something shines beneath the Earth by Maria Kolodynski. The project takes Frösundatoppen Hill, located on the surroundings of Stockholm, which has literally been built from the rubble of the former heart of the city as a trigger and first working site. This situation is a metaphor of our own ruins, of our personal history and of the internal constructions that a priori cannot be seen, our internal landscapes. The ideas of “false” nature, illusion, simulacrum, public space that hides history are explored.

The idea of the activity is to get together to walk and exchange ideas about these questions: Can a geographical space be a historical archive?; What differences do we perceive between Haga Parken and Frösundatoppen?; What is underneath? How is it processed?; How does the human being treat/process its past?; As a Stockholmare, what is your relation to the suburbs of the city? And all the thoughts and ideas that arise from the exchange are very welcome.


About María Kolodynski:
The main question that runs through Maria's work, and the principle of her thinking poetics, is the link between a body and otherness: an endless conversation in permanent movement. Every body vibrates and lives. It has the power to enter into relationship and link itself, raising the invisible density of an intense circulation of flows. Here there are no subjects and objects, there is a fusion where the world penetrates the body. The political dimension is a constant underlying theme in Maria's work. Maria Kolodynski is currently a resident at NKF/Malongen in Stockholm, invited by local artist Anna Kinbom.


Practical information:
Date: Saturday July 8, 2023
Time frame: 2 to 5 pm (we may finish earlier)
We start at the echo temple https://goo.gl/maps/Fqdto9h2jQyKPvMC8
We will walk up to the highest point of Frösundatoppen
And then we will walk down another trail and out to Uppsalavägen. There the activity will end.
Questions? Contact: makolodynski@gmail.com

How to get there:
Bus 57 from Slussen

As this activity is part of an ongoing artistic research, it will be audio-visually recorded and the material is plausible to be used for both research and exhibition material. By agreeing to attend the activity, it is assumed that each participant accepts that his or her image and voice will be used.
The artist will speak in English, but as she understands Swedish, participants are welcome to speak in Swedish or English, whichever they prefer.
It is important to note that this is a sporting activity and the climb up Frösundatoppen is steep. The descent is less demanding. Therefore it is recommended to bring sports clothes and good shoes.

As the activity is carried out in nature, it is suggested to have mosquito and tick repellent at hand.
It is suggested that whoever wants can bring snacks and something to drink for a small picnic while we exchange thoughts and views at the top of Frösundatoppen.

The activity is for adults only.
Unfortunately there is no access for people with reduced mobility.

The project is carried out with the support of IASPIS The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, NKF Nordiska Konstförbundet Residency Program and ID:I Galleri.