Jacob Broms Engblom, Amy Boulton, Lisa Trogen Devgun, Benjamin Gerdes

Event type: 
The Nordic Guest Studio
5 Jun 2021 to 27 Jun 2021

World as Data: Material and Affective Consequences of the Digital Twin
This research project investigates the history and ideology of what we term the “data industrial complex”, including the aesthetic and material representations of overlapping phenomena: big data and automation, labour, climate, finance and e-commerce, technological infrastructures, biometrics, behavioural science and surveillance.

Another point of investigation is the consequences of abstracting and compressing our complex reality into a digitally mapped terrain. We take a stratified approach, aiming to highlight underlying tendencies across multiple contexts. Outcomes will include an interactive website that illustrates a ‘data eco-system’, using ecological terms and metaphors to create subjective associations between inter-linked phenomena within the global flows of data, natural resource extraction, financial and power relations.

The work is produced in the context of Kungliga Konsthögskolans konstnärliga forsknings- och utvecklingsprojekt (KFoU).