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The Nordic Guest Studio
14 Dec 2021 to 7 Jan 2022

Joe Rowley is invited to the guest studio by Tal Gilad to collaborate on their project Cross-Pollination. The project will propose, discuss and implement a series of structures that encourage symbiosis between artist-run initiatives from across Sweden, starting with representatives from Göteborg and Stockholm who will be involved, turning the residency space into a think tank. The ideas developed will become a set of user-friendly guides that apply to all parts of the country, published as an e-book by Ephemeral Care following the residency period.


Joe Rowley (b.1992 Stoke-on-Trent) is an independent curator and researcher based in Göteborg. His ongoing projects include Raumdeuter Radio, which couples audio artworks with public transport routes to reinterpret the social and physical space of the city; and Ephemeral Care, a research organisation dedicated to exploring ethics, strategies, and practice in artist-led and self-organised initiatives. In 2021 he initiated The Exhibition is in Transit, a series published by Ephemeral Care featuring artworks and texts from a range of contributors examining the possibilities, transitions, precarity, and challenges within exhibition-making through the prism of new technologies and platforms in the pandemic influenced cultural and institutional landscape.


Tal Gilad (b.1985 Kfar Saba) is a Stockholm based independent curator and CuratorLab alumna who is now attending Collective Practices II- Symbiotic Organisations, a post-master programme at Kungliga Konsthögskolan. With director Grégory Castéra they are working collectively and independently on research in the field. Part of our research is on emerging, local and translocal artist/curator-run collective practices from an inside/outside perspective, actively inspecting the relationships of coexistence of different cultural organisations an looking into their unique structure, inner logic, and inventiveness. Viewing the cultural field as the ecosystem and the art world as a superorganism/holobiont, synergistically working with it/within it is crucial for its sustainability and the environment.