Matilda Tjäder & Kah Bee Chow

Event type: 
The Nordic Guest Studio
2 Jul 2024 to 29 Jul 2024

Artists Matilda Tjäder and Kah Bee Chow will do a joint residency at NKF in July. During their stay, Matilda Tjäder will focus on scores, field recordings and collective sound walks around Stockholm. Kah Bee will experiment with arrangements of elements and materials such as latex, fruit and beeswax, drawing upon practices of offerings and rituals. Alongside this, she will also investigate the sonic qualities of bronze casts, and the possibilities of play and layering with the soundscapes of her co-resident Matilda Tjäder. At the end of the month, they will exhibit in a group show at Konstnärshuset in Stockholm.

Kah Bee Chow is an artist from Penang, Malaysia and Auckland, New Zealand, living and working in Malmö, Sweden. In her artistic practice, Chow has often worked with forms of protective architecture, including looking at forms for the body such as shields and shells, as well as architectural mechanisms of enclosure, paying close attention to the particularities of space and site. Her work has been shown in Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Malmö Konsthall; Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen; Kunstlerhaus Bregenz, Austria; Te Tuhi Gallery, New Zealand; Tranen Contemporary Art Centre, Copenhagen; Signal Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö; Rupert, Vilnius; Magenta Plains, New York; Blank Canvas, Malaysia; Artspace, New Zealand, among others.

Matilda Tjäder is an artist building fictional worlds via sound, performance, and moving images. In her work, she develops experimental environments where the familiar interfaces with the unknown, the individual with the collective and memories with the absence of sentience. By plugging into existing infrastructures she takes great pleasure in revising their invisible protocols and designs via storytelling, ambient installations and absurd scenarios. She is a resident of the independent radio station Retreat Radio with the monthly show ”Scaling” and founder of the eponymous sound series taking place across various locations in Malmö.

In 2022 her debut album ”Clones” – a sonic fiction of 20 tracks/ chapters – was released and in 2020 ”Music for 1 Piano and 4 Hands” – a collaboration between herself and Alex Pierce/ Yem Gel – released on ArachHe. Recent and upcoming exhibitions and performances include: skēnē (Malmö), Lagune Ouest (Copenhagen), SKF Konstnärshuset (Stockholm), ICA (London), Skånes Konstförening (Malmö), Le Bourgeois (London), BIZARRO (Copenhagen), Norbergfestival (Norberg), Cell Project Space (London), Ashley (Berlin), MOCA (Los Angeles) and Country Music presents: Doom Spa (Berlin). Tjäder is the recipient of Sven and Ellida Hjorts Minnesfond Award (2022).