Miyuki Inoue, Marcel Smit and Anna Kinbom at Supermarket

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16 Oct 2021

NKF:s current residents Miyuki Inoue (JP/NL) and Marcel Smit (NL) will present a performance at Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm together with Anna Kinbom.

The point of departure will be Inoue's work "Human Cicada" and Kinbom's "Karaoke Lecture"-piece. They are both interested in various ways of using the voice in different spaces. Marcel Smit will join by working with creative coding for electronics that will be used in the performance.

Date and time: Saturday, October 16 at 16.00-20.00

Duration: Every 30 min, starting at 16.00.

Location: Offstage / Sailor's Dream, 1st floor

There will be a limit of 5 visitors per 30-min performance.

More information about Supermarket Art Fair: https://supermarketartfair.com/