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The Nordic Guest Studio
1 Jul 2021 to 30 Jul 2021

Natasja Loutchko is visiting Malongen to be part of the exhibition at Mörby Gård Sculpture Park 2021, Ornö. Loutchko is an interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin. Her creative approach reflects a deep-rooted interest in sharing ideas through community activities with a heightened awareness of body, mind and soul connectivity. Her project space CAVE3000 demonstrates this interest in collaborative processes. The residency at the Nordic Guest Studio is a part of the curatorial collaboration between Mörby gård Sculpture Park and CAVE3000. The Nordic Guest Studio will be used by Loutchko as a studio under the month of July, for the upcoming exhibition at Mörby Gård Sculpture park. This project brings together artists that have been part of exhibitions at CAVE3000 in Berlin with the artist at Mörby Gård Skulpturpark 2021 to start new threads and connections between the two self organised art projects and the artist surrounding them.

Loutchko has in recent years been part of the project Pane Per Poveri (PPP) – a transient project celebrating creativity, vision and human potential faced with the socio-economic and post-political crisis we experience today. The project is an experience of (art) community, conscious of the implications of exclusion embedded in the term community. This year Loutchko has worked with PPP on the project Every Mouth Must be Fed,  a laboratory research project about creating a sustainable art canteen.

CAVE3000 will host a public presentation of the collaborative exhibition at Mörby Gård Sculpture Park 2021 at Malongen the 24th of July.

Mörby Gård Sculpture Park  2021 will be open 30-31 of July and 1 of August 2021. The exhibition is open 12-18 the whole weekend.

Mörby Gård Sculpture Park 2021

Josefin Arnell & Pauline Curnier Jardin, Animal Internet, Mert Akbal, Chiara Bugatti, Anna Johansson, Alexandra Larsson Jacobson, Martin Jacobson, Natasja Loutchko, Simon Blanck, Lotta Törnroth, Åsa Ersmark, Olle Wärnbäck, Ingrid Gustavsson, Hedda Hultman, Mark Walker, Ida Lennartsson, Caspar Forsberg, Jessie Holmes, Ann-Catrin Olsson och Maria Kulikovska, Inger Wold Lund.

Co organised by CAVE3000 and Mörby Gård Skulpturpark