The Nordic Guest Studio- Contance Tenvik (NO)

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The Nordic Guest Studio
11 Jun 2019 to 8 Jul 2019

The work of Contance Tenvik explores the juxtaposition of performance as social carnival, Sculpture as collaborative entities, and drawing as momento mori. These thmes along side the performative in her work  were the point of departure for the residency at Nordic Guest Studio residency. It is by focusing in on the one gesture, that allows the viewer to find many things to see. The use of collage and mise-en-scene colour the sculptural other worldly playmates that Tenvink creates, animating being as an artistic exploration. Another Nordic Artist that explored these notions in her artwork was Moki Cherry, and the exploration of Organic Music, or its earlier iteration “movement:incorporated”. It is with this synergetic red thread between the two artists, and speculative Utopias created by Cherry and Tenvik, that the Nordic Guest Studio Residency allowed the space for these notions of Utopias and Visions (1871- 1981) and home as a stage, stage as a home to be explored, between the two. 
The residency provided the space for Tenvik to curate her 1st show at Loyal Gallery, that explored these notions in her practice, with the exhibition ”A seed’s a star”, as well as the Nordic Guest Studio being a space for Tenvik to further collate her on-going series of portraits and additional three larger portraits that will make up a new series, and body of work. The residency also coincided with research trips to Tågarp - home of Moki Cherry her archive and former studio, where Tenvik was also part of the opening ’Seduce Life” series that saw the former home open its doors for performance and exhibition for the 1st time in 30 years.