The Nordic Guest Studio- Kate Newby (NZ)

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The Nordic Guest Studio
15 May 2017 to 4 Jun 2017

Kate Newby (born 1979, Auckland, New Zealand) works with installation, textile, ceramics, casting and glass. She is committed to exploring the limits and nature of sculpture, not only in space but also where and how sculpture happens. She is fast gaining international attention and consolidating on achievements in New Zealand that see her performing at a critical international level. In 2012, she won the Walters Prize, New Zealand’s premier contemporary art exhibition. Recent exhibition include Let me be the wind that pulls your hair, Artpace, San Antonio, TX (2017);  In Practice, Sculpture Center, New York (2016); Big Tree. Bird’s Eye, Michael Lett, Auckland (2016); The January February March, The Poor Farm, Wisconsin (2016); Two aspirins a vitamin C tablet and some baking soda, Laurel Doody, Los Angeles (2015); I memorized it I loved it so much, Laurel Gitlen, New York (2015). Two publications have been produced on Kate’s work in the last years, Incredible feeling, Clouds Publishing, Auckland, NZ, (2013) and Let the other thing in, Fogo Island Arts and Sternberg Press, Berlin.

Don´t miss her work at Index until the 3rd of september