The Nordic Guest Studio- Petra Lindholm and Anna Järvinen (SE/FI)

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The Nordic Guest Studio
20 Jul 2018 to 15 Aug 2018

We are proud to announce a residency with Petra Lindholm and Anna Järvinen. 
Petra and Anna has been preparing for an exhibition at hangmenProjects (24/8 - 22/9 ) Opening 24/8.
Petra Lindholm is an artist based in Småland, Pjätteryd, Sweden. Her work includes films, sounds and textile work, Anna Järvinen is a successful recording artist. Both have their roots and family in Finland. 

"The project started with an outer event; a journey, a meeting around identity and language. One thing leads to another and the material we gathered, pictures, films and sounds, form a piece. 
An experimental time voyage where something has been brought to life and where the songs, melodies and conversations are an incentive to the artistic formulation. The real has become fragmentary and subjective, such as our memories most often behave. Like a sketch, a feeling. 
This might only be the start of a longer process with more presentations later. "