Open Studio with Maria Meinild and Tova Rudin Lundell

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9 Mar 2024

You are warmly invited to join us on Saturday, March 9th, from 1-4 pm at NKFs guest studio at Nytorget 15A.

A conversation between Maria Meinild, Tova Rudin Lundell, and Björn Larsson will commence at 2 pm.

Rudin-Lundell and Meinild both share a keen interest in thermal imaging, a technology initially developed by AGA in Sweden in 1958 for military applications. Throughout the residency, they have been engaged in collaborative research while concurrently working on their individual projects. This open studio will give insight into their work-in-progress developed during the residency.

Maria Meinild, a Danish/Swedish artist based in Copenhagen, explores social behavior and political undertones in everyday life through video installation, photography, and sculpture. Meinild intends to showcase work-in-progress of a film she’s been shooting during this residency, utilizing thermal technology. The project centers around the interplay between human bodies, surveillance, and architecture.

Tova Rudin-Lundell is an artist and architect working with sculpture, photography, and installations. Her current work involves an intimate study of the ongoing transformation of Slakthusområdet (a former meatpacking district) in Stockholm. At the Open Studio, Rudin-Lundell will present photographic work-in-progress from this project done with thermal technology.

Björn Larsson is an artist based in Stockholm. His works revolve around nation and nationality, as seen through narratives of nature and landscape. In his praxis he employs various documentary strategies, with photography being both a crucial tool and subject in itself. Larsson holds the position of Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Senior Lecturer at the Royal Institute of Art. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our open studio event!