re:re Art podcast #4 :About imagination, playfulness and the landscape within with Ingela Ihrman

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Other projects by NKF
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22 Feb 2023

In this episode of re:re art podcast, Alvaro Campo and My Lindh meet the artist Ingela Ihrman in a conversation about Ihrman's work and artistic process. In what ways can fantasy, imagination and compassion play a role in a time of political and ecological challenges? Ihrman’s practice includes sculpture, performance, video and text. She sometimes collaborates with other visual artists or is a co-creator in collective performing arts projects. Strong feelings in everyday life, the difficult and wonderful things about relationships and a loving look towards what we call “Nature” are themes that run through Ingela Ihrman’s art practice. She attempts to activate empathy and fantasy in order to open up new horizons and perspectives on what it means to be alive. This podcast has been made possible with kind support from the Nordic Art Association Sweden and Region Stockholm.


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