re:re Art podcast Episode#2 A Conversation with Carola Grahn and Joar Nango on nomadism, temporary architecture and indigenous strategies

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Other projects by NKF
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25 May 2022

In this second episode, together with our guests, the artists Carola Grahn and Joar Nango, we will examine the notion of the nomadic in relation to artist residencies and artists mobility. The word nomadism originates from the Greek word nomás - roaming in search of pasture. In what ways can the artist’s practice continue to be mobile in relation to a time of global crises? Can we look at mobility and nomadism from various perspectives?
Carola Grahn and Joar Nango both are artists with long interesting practices as well as they both have a Sámi heritage. Our intention with inviting them to this podcast is to take part in their personal knowledge, experiences and practices.
Carola Grahn is a South Sámi artist, born and raised in Jokkmokk, Sápmi. She uses several media but often returns to installation, text and textiles in her reflections on humans' relationship to society and nature.
Joar Nango has his roots in Sámi culture, he is an artist and architect with a degree from NTNU in Norway. He is one of the founders of the collective FFB that works with temporary architecture in urban environments. Nango's work explores the boundary between architecture, design and visual art.