Sara Andreasson

Event type: 
The Nordic Guest Studio
3 Mar 2021 to 23 Mar 2021

Sara Andreasson and Joline Uvman visits with a project researching relations between poetry and sculpture.

Sara Andreassons research and practice dissects behaviour we inherit, mimic and reproduce with the intent to make suggestions to why these tendencies are important to us at this point in time. With an interest in innate values within the objects and image motifs we consume daily she focuses on the documents and depictions of the time we reside, the hidden artifacts in our every day life. 

Joline Uvman works with sculpture and text where the installation acts as a narrative reflector. Her interest in literature and language has led her to examine the sculpture's own linguistics. In her works a dichotomy arises between the symbolic and the purely material where the core is to hit affective spots for the body to perceive.

Sara graduated her bachelor in fine arts from the Valand Academy in May 2017, Joline Uvman holds an MA in fine arts from the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm. During their stay at The Nordic Guest Studio they are aiming to explore and develop mutual denominators that appear in their individual works with an emphasis on sculptural practices. Both of them are drawn to the horizontal line - poetically as well as in the composition of the image itself. The key elements they will use to begin their collaboration are slumbering vulcanos, in between spaces and sleeping giants.