Själö Poiesis: Reading with Plants, a private reading with Lotta Petronella

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25 Apr 2024

Ask the island. Let it enter your imagination, let the island dream through you

Själö Poiesis: Reading with Plants, a private reading with Lotta Petronella


Individual pre-booking required.


Själö Poiesis: Reading with Plants, is made in collaboration between Lotta Petronella and artist Cecilia Westerberg on the island of Själö (Seili) in the Turku archipelago. 25 plant cards are inspired by tarot. The cards were made by Cecilia with plants that grow on the island, a concept written and performed by Lotta Petronella. Reading with Plants is part of an ongoing body of work and investigation, SjälöPoiesis - a critical study of power structures through plants, especially common plants – the weeds, the vulgaris.

Själö Poeisis is also three herbarium, lecture performances, a choir work, an apothecary and botanical sessions.


You can book a timeslot on Thursday April 25th between 4-8pm with Lotta directly via IG or e-mail.

Each reading lasts for 35-40 min. 


Read more about Lotta's work on Själö (Seili) here: