Tales from the Kitchen Table

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12 Apr 2021

Fiskis Collective invites you to take a fika, get comfortable, and join us around the kitchen table for an online conversation on 12 April, 16.00-17.30. The session will comprise presentations of and conversations surrounding collective and individual research practices engaging with the implications of storytelling for care and political agency, as part of the Decolonizing Architecture post-master programme at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, and the collective’s current residency at the Nordic Art Association’s Guest Studio at Malongen.


Moderated by curator, writer and researcher Jenny Richards, the round-the-kitchen-table conversation will focus on entanglements between the collaborative practice of Fiskis Collective and the individual research and artistic interests of two members of the collective, Hannah Clarkson and Matilda Tucker. With a crossover in methods of writing and picturing stories as a way to encourage empathetic exchange, Hannah’s work focuses on notions of shelter, care and protection in relation to illness narratives and bodily estrangements, while Matilda’s comic-strip based practice engages with notions of free time, migration and the politics of the working body. Our work at Fisksätra Museum (with the other two members of Fiskis Collective, Konstantina Pappa and Milagros Bedoya) aims to explore and shape ideas related to urban justice, civic participation and empowerment in a playful, empathetic way, through writing, interviews, video and animation, listening sessions, language and translation. 

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Fiskis Collective is comprised of four artists – Hannah Clarkson (UK), Matilda Tucker (US/Germany), Konstantina Pappa (Greece), and Milagros Bedoya (Peru) – with backgrounds as various as visual arts, writing, and architectural practice, focusing on the potentialities of storytelling for empathy and political agency. Currently based in Sweden, the group met as students on the Decolonizing Architecture post-master research course at Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Art, and have been working predominantly on projects with Fisksätra Museum, a self-described ‘cultural and political laboratory’ located in a suburb in the east of Stockholm characterised by its diversity of languages and immigrant communities. Our work at Fisksätra Museum aims to explore and shape ideas related to urban justice, civic participation and empowerment in a playful, empathetic way, through writing, interviews, video and animation, listening sessions, language and translation. The collective are currently artists-in-residence at Studio Malongen, as guests of the Nordic Arts Association.



Matilda Tucker is a writer, artist, and researcher based in Stockholm and Berlin. She works mostly with the written word, drawing, photography, and stop-motion. Much of her work has focused on human rights, the politics of space, migration and exile, and the mourning of catastrophe. In her practice of mindfully revisiting her personal relationship to time, she explores different routes and modes of transport between Berlin and Stockholm, choosing to ‘invest’ anywhere from 2.5 to 30.5 hours for each journey. In each journey, she maps the knowledge produced along the way.


Hannah Clarkson is a British artist based in Sweden, with a BFA in Fine Art from the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford and an MFA in Fine Art Craft from Konstfack, Stockholm. She has worked and exhibited internationally, including on a variety of site-specific projects relating to particular stories and/or places. She works with both sculpture and writing, with an interest in narrativity and materiality as they relate to ideas of shelter. She is currently working on a practice-based research project investigating the synonym as a means to understand human needs, in particular regarding notions of care and protection related to the ailing body.


Jenny Richards is a curator, writer and PhD candidate at Konstfack and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Her research, writing and projects focus on the politics of work and collaborative practice. She collaborates with Sophie Hope on the practice-based research project Manual Labours exploring physical relationships to work. She has been curator of Marabouparken Konsthall, Stockholm and was previously co-director of Konsthall C, Stockholm where together with Jens Strandberg she developed Home Works, an exhibition program and book exploring the politics of domestic work and the home.