Textrum text-middag

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17 Dec 2019
18:00 - 21:00

Textrum text-middag
i NKFs gästateljé på Malongen

tisdag den 17 december klockan 18.00 – 21.00

Textrum is a room of text, or for text, in Swedish. In English it can relate to tantrum, in the form of a temper text message.

Freja Bäckman gästar NKFs ateljé med projektet Textrum i samarbete med Liv Strand.
Välkomna till en middag och ett samtal om vad text kan vara som konstnärligt uttrycksmedel. Vi lagar en soppa och berättar om vårt parallella skrivprojekt Textrum. Ta gärna med er egna erfarenheter av textarbete att dela, vi planerar för ett samtal om text.

Vänligen anmäl ert intresse om att delta till: liv@livstrand.com eller freja.backman@gmail.com

We have written about Textrum:

We have met in a space where we share an interest in exploring certain topics or thematics around collectivity and togetherness, how groups are formed and maybe named. The structures within which these are being formulated and the mechanisms which are at work within these formations, that at times can be caring and comforting but simultaneously violent. We are also formulating and shaping this space through the very same topics. We are writing a space together.

- I kind of want to go with the beat, the rhythm, as something to share or to become sensitive to together. Using a foreign language as yet another threshold for tuning in. Finding an intriguing or beautiful word or expression as a reason for putting an argument in text.

- I like to think of the text as something to project off. We were talking about how texts change, or rather, how our perception of texts change as we re-read them. We change as readers and so the text changes with us.

Textrum has generous support from Opstart, Nordic Culture Fund.