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14 Sep 2023

The Nordic Art Association’s (NKF) annual Open Call for applications for residencies 2024 is now open

The deadline for all applications is Friday, 13 October 2023, 23.59

(The link to the application form can be found at the bottom of this post)



This residency is open to all national and international artists, curators, writers, choreographers, researchers, as well as local institutions wishing to invite a collaborating guest to Stockholm, either at a research stage or coinciding with a public presentation or producing work for an exhibition. Individuals and collaborators at all stages of their careers, working across all art forms and creative practices, are welcome to apply. Small families/partners are invited to join. 



NKF is a nonprofit organisation run by artists and curators. NKF supports the development of current projects, interdisciplinary collaborations and research, as well as the blossoming and unfolding of new ideas and work. NKF cherishes processes where experimentation can occur, and where focus need not always be on a final outcome or a “traditional” production cycle. In a centrally located guest studio, in a building dating from the 1680s at Nytorget in Stockholm, the residency consists of a large studio space and basic living quarters, including a fully equipped kitchen, living room, bathroom with washing machine and a bedroom. A residency at NKF’s guest studio entails time and space for cultural practitioners to focus on and develop their professional practice whilst residing in an intimate environment.  



Between eight and ten residencies are offered each year. The residencies run over four weeks. However, if a project requires a shorter or longer stay this is also possible (please state this in your application). NKF encourages a public dissemination during the residency, although not required. A public dissemination may take many forms, such as a presentation over breakfast, a dinner, an open studio, a walk, or a moderated talk and/or in collaboration with other local institutions. NKF strives to create dialogues and connections between the residency guest/guests and local networks, art practitioners and institutions.



Currently NKF cannot offer funded residencies. In order to maintain the residency programme, NKF relies on a local artist/curator/cultural practitioner to receive and “host” a residency guest. This means that an applicant cannot propose themselves but needs to be in a dialogue with a cultural practitioner in Stockholm who, in turn, applies for their guest/guests to participate in the residency programme. For example, a local curator, who resonates with the practice of an artist based elsewhere, may apply for the artist to take part in a residency at NKF and so on. Contingent on the proposed project, the host and guest may choose to live and work together at NKF’s guest studio or not. 



Residency applicants are selected by NKF’s executive and advisory board, consisting of professional artists and curators working in Sweden and internationally. NKF aims for a residency programme that is open, inclusive and welcoming to all and continues to converse and develop how they work towards achieving greater equality and representation in the constellation of the board and residency guests. NKF encourages slow travel where possible. 


Key points:

  • An applicant based in the Stockholm Region applies for an international or national residency guest/guests. The applicant acts as a local host for the guest/guests during the stay
  • Successful applicants (artist and curators etc) pay a fee of 2000 sek in booking and administration fees at the latest two months before the residency begins. The fee for institutions is 6000 sek
  • Cancellations later than two months before the residency can unfortunately not be refunded
  • Applicants choose two to three alternative dates to their preferred dates. NKF may propose other dates
  • NKF are happy to provide letters of invitation for external funding applications
  • Deadline is Friday, 13 October 2023, 23.59
  • Applicants will be notified via e-mail at the beginning of November 2023
  • Applicants are given two weeks to confirm or decline their participation
  • All granted applicants will be announced on NKF’s web-site, newsletter and through social media at the end of November 2023


NKF provides:

  • A guest studio (100m2) consisting of a large studio and joined apartment that can accommodate 1-3 guests. In the bedroom there are two single beds and a large sofa in the living room. Partners/children are welcome. Unfortunately, animals are not allowed
  • A presentation of the residency guest and the proposed work/ongoing project through NKF’s newsletter, web-site and social media channels
  • The support from a board member in conjunction with one public presentation during the residency as well as lighter refreshments and snacks for this event. Please note that NKF’s board members function on a voluntary basis
  • Where possible, suggestions of and the interlinking with local artists, curators and institutions that may resonate with the residency guest’s/guests’ practice.


For further information and any questions please contact: