RISK(U) #8: Editorial Board - afterthought

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Other projects by NKF
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14 Mar 2022

Reflections from Editorial Bo(a)rd Collective about RISK(U) residency

Feb 22-27, 2022

This residency at RISK(U) marked a crucial moment in our becoming; nearly a year has passed since our first workshop and it was a moment of coming together again with commitment to our interest in the future of our process and dedication to experiment, explore and develop editorial thinking as a creative and collective tool.

We nine who make up the Editorial Bo(a)rd Collective are each and all filled with ideas which we collectivize by sharing and then developing games, actions and edits accordingly. Being quite a big collective, it was wonderful to have this space and to be in it together. Our combined capacity to generate ideas was complemented significantly by our experience with RISK(U), for which we committed to creating physical manifestations of our ongoing process within the limited time and real space provided.

RISK(U)’s residency and support created an extraordinary and intense period in which we gathered, developed strategies, and presented some of our ideas. We were coming and going, figuring, and refiguring. The time was used to revisit what we have been doing so far, to finish some leftovers, to make a podcast recording, but also to introduce new layers and playing out new editorial tasks. Most of all, we had time to become closer to one another, to sit with each other, to hug each other, to express ourselves and our frustration, sadness, and all that arose during that week in our worlds, and in the world. We disconnected some parts, we connected with each other, we continue doing so. This gave us not only a new experience, but also a structure upon which we can build future projects.


Thank you!

Editorial Bo(a)rd Collective