RISK(U) means Room and Initiative for Artistic Development Work
2019 – 2020 NKF presents RISK(U) with support from The Swedish Arts Council. It is a platform that make space for artistic research, that is time for deepened artistic work. We welcome collaborations in need of an open, not yet defined, space in order to be formulated. It is about establishing a concentrated time-space for a specific work, carried out by the ones making a RISK(U) event in dialogue with us at NKF. With RISK(U) the Malongen space is one for artistic dialogue, in art and through art.

This initiative is formulated by board members Henrik Eriksson, Camilla Larsson and Liv Strand. If you reading this realise an urge to share something and to create a format contact Liv Strand, liv@nkf.se or Henrik Eriksson, henrikjeriksson@gmail.com


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